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Technology Factsheet

Dragon Runner 15

Category: Characterization > Camera & Surveillance > Surveillance Crawler
Reference # : Model No : DR 15

DR 15 is the original Dragon Runner robot developed for the U.S. Marine Corps. It is based on an all-wheel drive system and carries a tilt-camera in the front (+/- 90 deg) to allow for under-car inspections and PIR motion sensors to detect intruders and a microphone to allow for covert reconnaissance and surveillance. The system can be outfitted with varied gearboxes to achieve speeds suitable for EOD-missions (<6 mph) or convoy lead or pursuit activities (10 to 20+ mph). Payload capabilities are possible through the use of the picatinny rails and the embedded payload connector. The vehicle utilizes BB-style military batteries, which are readily replaceable by accessing the battery compartment. The system can be carried in a single backpack, which includes the wireless radio unit, battery pack and daylight readable hand-controller for real-time operations. More recently, the ability to swap wheels out for tracks has been added allowing the system to drive with off-road tracks to achieve substantially more terrain ability. Paddles can also be added to lengthen the track and allow for curb and stair-climbing. Additional payloads ranging from pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and 2-DoF manipulators are available to expand the mission scenarios possible with this versatile platform.








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