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Technology Factsheet

Dragon Runner 30

Category: Characterization > Camera & Surveillance > Surveillance Crawler
Reference # : Model No : DR 30

DR-30 is the slightly elongated all-axle-drive 6-wheeled version of DR-15. It uses identical electronics and drive elements, but boasts a dual SINCGARS-type battery bay for prolonged operations. The system will be geared to allow convoy-lead missions to address the defeat of multiple types of roadside IED convoy-traps. Its modified aspect ratio allows it to become a more stable higher-speed platform with prolonged mission duration. It will still retain the forward tilt-camera and under-vehicle inspection capability, as well as the payload-mounting options and covert listening/motion-detection capabilities for LP/OP missions. As before, the system is controlled in real time from the same backpack and controller, which is also capable of carrying the platform by a single war-fighter. Payloads will also include a manipulator arm and a PTZ camera. Track kits will also be available to allow the system improved off-road performance and stair-climbing using the paddle track extenders.








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