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Technology Factsheet


Category: Characterization > Camera & Surveillance > Surveillance Non-Crawler
Reference # : Model No : SUSS

SUSS is a breakthrough wireless multi-modal surveillance and security system and can be deployed as a stand-alone Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) or a payload to a UGV (such as Dragon Runner). The primary application for this portable and reconfigurable system is local-area tactical military applications for local-area security and reconnaissance. The SUSS system integrates audio- and motion-detection with a high-power electro-optic day-and-night video-surveillance and motion-detection system. Pan and pitch capability provide for a full hemispherical field-of-view. An external battery-based power-supply, SINCGARS-type XX90 compliant, allows for extended operations in remote areas. A solar-panel supply for indefinite operational endurance is also available. The ability for rapid multi-unit deployment and control off a backpack with a small hand-held controller makes this system ideal for highly mobile and covert operations. Due to its ruggedness and design, it is well suited for outdoor operations with camouflaging/clandestine operations. Additional payloads (e.g. for pointing/illumination) can be mounted and controlled (using Picatinny rail). The system is carried in a small backpack and controlled using PortaCon, Automatika’s small hand-held controller. SUSS can also be easily mounted and transported on the Dragon Runner platform.








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