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Technology Factsheet

Squirrel-III Floor Scabbler

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Scabbling , Mechanical
Reference # : Model No : Squirrel-III

The Squirrel-III was developed to scarify concrete floors and slabs in an environmentally safe manner. The Squirrel-III is designed to tackle small jobs and to get into tight places near corners, wall/floor joints, floor penetrations, steps and under protruding equipment. It is also designed to remove protective coatings, laitance, and concrete substrate in a single step-process. Surfaces are left clean with a uniform texture, and ready to receive new coatings. The Squirrel-III is a pneumatic operated scabbler that operates in conjunction with an ultra-high performance HEPA-filtered vacuum system. The Squirrel-III incorporates unique vacuum flow designs which provide high efficiency performance in contaminated or clean-room environments which require stringent control of dust, debris, and airborne contamination. The Squirrel-III minimizes the need for respiratory protection of operating personnel from airborne radiological and toxic particulate hazards. The need to protect near by equipment form flying dust and debris is also minimized. The Squirrel-III also incorporates Pentek's exclusive scabbling head vibration isolation technology, which completely eliminates operator fatigue associated with conventional scabbling equipment. The Squirrel-III is equipped with carrier wheels and a handle for easy transport around the job site. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): 12" X 6" X 12" Weight of Tech Model (lb.): 50


Easy to operate, requires little training. Leaves surface smooth and even for repainting or reuse. Vacuum unit minimizes need for respiratory protection for operating personnel. Unit is very maneuverable and reaches tight spots.


Equipment is designed to be used on small or confined areas such as wall/floor joints instead of large floor surfaces. The operator's hand that depresses the trigger is subjected to some fatigue. At the demonstration, one operator taped the trigger down for continual operation.




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