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Technology Factsheet

Lead TechXtract Chemical Decontamination

Category: Decontamination > Chemical Surface Cleaning > Electrochemical Treatment
Reference # : OST # 1450 Model No : TechXtract

The TechXtract technology is a decontamination system using ultrasonic and chemical baths to remove radionuclides, PCBs, and other hazardous organic and inorganic substances from materials such as lead, concrete, construction bricks, and steel. The Process entirely house in a portable trailer, moves the objects to be decontaminated along a hoist and rail system to apply and then remove several chemical solutions in sequence. No hazardous constituents are in the solution except for extracted contaminants. The chemical are scrubbed into the contaminated surfaces with ultrasonic for a specified time; then rinsed and removed with a vacuum. The process is based on hypotheses relating to contaminant migration and removal. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): Trailer - 16 ft x 8 ft Ultrasonic bath - 20X11.5X11 Weight of Tech Model (lb.): Not Available


* Secondary waste production of only 0.01 gal per brick, equivalent to 2.7 kg (6lb) per ton of lead processed. * Decreased the amount of secondary waste by approximately 100 times less than the baseline (encapsulation and disposal) * Successfully decontaminated 78 of the 80 attempted lead bricks * The cleaned lead could be recycled and has a salvage value * The TechXtract technology meets ALARA considerations and work safety concerns can be suitably addressed * The decontamination technology can be applied to the decontamination of other metals and tools


* Lower production rate and more costly (582%) than the baseline




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