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Technology Factsheet


Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Dust Suppression
Reference # : Model No : BT-CKB3M

The MONSOON will move water or other fluid through a proprietary gyrating atomizing nozzle, which will expel solution from a rotating hub (through a screen at the perimeter of the atomizing nozzle), resulting in a high speed impact that pulverizes the fluid into a uniform spectrum of droplets. Tiny droplets when formed will mix with the highly turbulent airflow generated by the BUFFALO TURBINE 14" single stage turbine, and will be projected into the air. The 50-200 micron size droplets will collect and trap airborne dust particulates and odors, ultimately resulting in an immediate reduction of pollution on site. The Monsoon can produce 25 gallons per minute of mist with coverage of 150 to 175 feet. Oscillation units are available. The MONSOON can be powered by gas, diesel, or electricity. Datasheet and demonstration videos may be found at http://www.buffaloturbine.com/monsoon.html.


(1) Portable and easy to maneuver, (2) Easily skid mounted, (3) Wireless nozzle and throttle control, (4) May also be used as a high powered leaf and debris blower.





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