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Technology Factsheet

RadCon Swipe Tool

Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Environmental Sampling Equipment
Reference # : Model No : 100910-100R2

Intellegration developed a long reach tool designed to help obtain a smear safely in hard-to-reach places and in areas that would be hazardous for a technician to take a smear. Samples are able to be taken at the exact location needed to ensure a representative sample. The tool has five joints to achieve a complete range of tip positioning. This tip achieves maximum surface contact even while swabbing over curved surfaces. The tool is light weight (5.5 pounds / 2.5 Kg.) with a tip payload (horizontal) of 7 lbs. extended, 15 lbs. collapsed; retracts and folds to 51”, extends to 118” (about 10’ long). A demonstration video may be found at http://intellegrationllc.com/front-page/radcon-wipe-sampling-tool/.


(1) Polished Stainless Steel tube construction (thin wall, light weight, easily cleaned). (2) Telescoping pole rides on nylon linear bearings for ease of positioning. (3) Wiper seal minimizes internal contamination and extends tool life. (4) All adjustments and joints are hand lockable – no special tools required. (5) Adjusts for comfortable ergonomic use – able to reach hard-to-see locations. (6) Universal 1/4"-20 threaded stem – fitting a variety of adapter mounts or cameras.


Should not be used to reach under suspended loads.




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