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Technology Factsheet

Breach Detector

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Leak Detectors
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The Breach Detector is a passive in-situ system that securely fastens onto the glove port to measure pressure loss within the glovebox. If a loss in pressure is detected then a leak within the isolation glovebox has been identified. This system is far more accurate identifying small holes in gloves than visual inspections. The Breach DetectorTM is the newest innovation in the detection of glove breaches. Based on an exclusively licensed technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratories, the Breach DetectorTM enables monitoring of gloves for breaches at any time the glovebox is not in use. The Breach DetectorTM is vastly superior to traditional visual inspections and cumbersome, expensive testing units. The Breach DetectorTM provides the user a quick, easy way to help test the integrity of the gloves in each part. The Breach DetectorTM is ideal for glove ports in any industrial applications which use gloveboxes and isolators with negative pressure.


(1) Quick and easy-to-use; (2) Available in any port size or shape; (3) Equipped with fire retardant aluminum back plate.


The glovebox cannot be in use during detection.




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