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Technology Factsheet

Gilian 5000 Programmable 5 Liter Live Flow Air Sampling Pump

Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Environmental Sampling Equipment
Reference # : Model No : 5000

The Gilian 5000 is used for industrial hygiene (IH) and radiological air sampling, is durable and capable of long run times and is good for high back-pressure applications. The Gilian Air Sampling Pump line includes personal and area pumps for the evaluation of worker exposure to airborne hazards.


1) NiMH battery provides a quick-charge time less than 4 min. 2) The four-button design makes the pump easier to understand and operate while providing full access to programmable modes and settings. 3) Shows real-time flow, total sample time, and volume sampled. 4) 30-Day Calibration applied to flow rate, pressure and temperature. 5) "Auto-restart" feature in case the sample line gets pinched. 6) EN 1232 Compliant. 7) Certified intrinsically safe for use in explosive environments.





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