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Technology Factsheet

Avacen Grip

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Heat & Cold Protection
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The Avacen Grip is used for heat stress prevention caused by both the environment and protective clothing. The device is used to help people maintain their ideal core body temperature when working in hot or cold conditions. It uses a small vacuum to pull blood into the complex vascular structures (called AVAs) and keeps the AVAs open at the skin surface. Warm or cold temperature is applied to these open AVAs and then that warming or cooling is distributed by the heart to the core organs and muscles throughout the body. More information on the Avacen Grip may be found at the website http://www.avacen.com/avacen/action?do=overview&topic=quick.


Non-invasively heat or cool blood – enabling you to change core temperature within 5 to 10 minutes – not hours.





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