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Technology Factsheet

Concrete Grinder

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Hand Grinding ,Honing
Reference # : OST #2102, DOE/EM-0374 Model No : LD 1509 FR

The Flex concrete grinder is a lightweight, hand-held concrete and coating removal system that uses a diamond grinding wheel for decontamination or stripping of concrete surfaces. The grinder is an electric powered tool with a vacuum port for dust extraction and a diamond-grinding wheel. The grinder is suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces and results in a smooth surface, which makes release surveys more reliable. The grinder is lightweight and produces little vibration. The technology provides an attractive alternative to traditional methods that can be used to remove coatings from concrete floors, walls or slabs. It can be used for radiological decontamination of general areas or hot sports on floors and walls or release radiological surveys Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): Grinding wheel: - 5 in. diameter Weight of Tech Model (lb.): Grinding Wheel: - 6 Shaver: - 6.5


* The concrete grinder technology costs are significantly lower than the baseline technology (mechanical scabbling and pneumatic scabbling), $ 2.92/sq.ft for the grinder versus $10.45/sq.ft for the scabbling technology. * Unit is adaptable with existing vacuum filtration systems * Leaves a smooth surface finish * Tool is very lightweight, decreasing worker fatigue *Good maneuverability around/over wall protrusions *Simple to deploy *Better production rate and less vibration than the baseline technology (mechanical/pneumatic scabbling)


* Not appropriate for very large, wide-open concrete floors and slabs where push-type and wheel powered diamond shavers are more efficient. * Not able to remove concrete at wall corners or wall/floor junctions * Unlike the baseline, there is a potential for a motor burnout problem




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