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Technology Factsheet


Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Analysis Equipment
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The research group of CEA (a French government-funded technological research organization) and AREVA have constructed a new generation of very compact gamma cameras called GAMPIX. The gamma camera is a new radioprotection tool used for nuclear dismantling activities or radioactive source search. The device enables the superimposition of a gamma image with a visible image, which is of help to locate radioactive hot spots in a given area. The best results in terms of sensitivity are obtained for 241Am because of the low energy gamma-rays emitted by this radionuclide. Hence, this camera can be of great use in detecting plutonium with high 241Am concentrations. The detection of high-energy gamma-ray emitters, like 137Cs or 60Co, requires thicker masks.


The gamma camera weighs about 1 kg and features a pixellated chip, developed by the CERN; it is hybridized with a 1 mm thick CdTe substrate; coded mask, multi-pinhole collimator; USB interface for the computer; aids in locating radioactive hot spots in a given area.





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