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Technology Factsheet

Advance Pedestrian Guidance System (APG)

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Others
Reference # : Model No : GZ2125

Advance Pedestrian Guidance (APG) system with steel trolley includes 4 retractable posts with yellow/magenta ribbon. APG makes simple, fast deployment of a very long barrier possible. Simply position and extend APG in one direction to form a strong, highly visible safety barrier. The caddy posts can be positioned to create a barrier of any shape (U, square, right angles). The patented Tensabarrier ® retractable belt cassette enables a fast setup and take down. Specifications: Footprint: 40.55” x 30.31”; Height: 3’5”; Individual Weight Post: 26.45 lbs; Trolley with 4 posts: 150 lbs.; Ribbon colors: yellow/magenta, yellow/black, other colors available


This new barrier system will help your facility post radiological areas quickly and ergonomically. The system includes a cart with stanchions and retractable radiological barrier. The stanchions can be easily moved into place and set up when needed. 4 caddy’s can extend up to 105 ft (32 meters). Large diameter wheels make the unit easy to move and maneuver with locking wheels for added stability. Trolley and caddy system is compact and easy to store. Robust steel frame delivers durability in harsh environments. Chemical resistant and hard wearing rubber wheels and hand-grips.





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