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Technology Factsheet

RT-750 Mechanical Retrieval Tool Kit

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Long Reach Tools
Reference # : Model No : EM10645

The RT-750 ElectroMechanical Retrieval Tool performs numerous retrieval tasks in a variety of environments, including marine and freshwater. It's made of 400 stainless steel and locks onto its target with 25 lbs of force. Includes Fork & Tine jaw set, 100-foot cable, control box, and storage case. Driven by a powerful rare-earth gear motor, The RT-750’s 141:1 reduction worm drive delivers positive clamping force. Shockmounting protects all drive components. These motorized, remote controlled jaw sets grasp objects and won't let go until you tell them to. Used with a sectional push pole, these tools tackle the large object removal with ease.


•Locking jaws exert 25 lbs. of force •Battery operation permits field use •Single ¼-20 tapped hole simplifies mounting •Snap-lock fitting accepts fiberglass push pole •Waterproof housing survives 100 foot dives •Easy to Swap Jaw Set


Push Pole Required (Sold Separately)




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