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Technology Factsheet

SpeedHammer POWER Masonry Drill Bits

Category: Dismantlement > Non-Cutting Methods > Core/Stitch Drilling
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Irwin Tool’s SpeedHammer masonry bits are made to use on concrete with rebar inside the concrete. The bits have twice the usual amount of carbide in their tips and are designed to be twice as durable as standard masonry bits. The bits come in 6-, 8-, and 12-inch lengths in various diameters. More information may be found at Irwin Tool’s website. http://www.irwin.com/tools/drill-bits/speedhammer-power-masonry-drill-bits


•2X longer life than traditional masonry bits •Maximized flute for faster, more efficient dust removal •2X more carbide in tip for 2X longer drilling life in rebar-reinforced concrete •Optimal groove design minimizes friction for increased speed and longer life •Blue power ring for easier identification in the toolbox •Premium steel improves core strength for maximum durability and extended life





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