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Technology Factsheet

Smart Muff Range

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Hearing Protection
Reference # : Model No : SM1x

Sensear makes noise cancelling, hearing protection devices that electronically enhance voice communication. Sensear will improve safety on your project by improving communications while preventing hearing loss. SM1x provides excellent hearing protection and voice enhancement. It has Bluetooth capability and can be connected to a radio to further facilitate communication.


•Allows communication in environments above 85 dB (A) •Protects against all forms of noise – impact, intermittent, continuous •Safely hear your surroundings while also hearing speech •Binaural capability – hear the direction of speech and other sounds •Speaker limited to 82 dB (A) in ear •Face to face communication up to 95dB •MP3 interface •Replaceable ear tips •High visibility color •12+ hours continuous talk time •Industrial ruggedized •12mth warranty •Two-way radio interface •Custom interface to other communication systems •Noise cancelling boom mic •Two-way radio communication to 105dB •Wireless Bluetooth® connection to cellular phones and other Bluetooth® devices •Noise cancelling boom mic •Bluetooth communication to 105dB





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