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Technology Factsheet

2-D Linear Motion System

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
Reference # : OST 1476 DOE/EM-0403 Model No : 2-DLMS

Two-dimensional linear motion systems can be used to semi-robotically operate tools or instruments on surfaces. A two dimensional system, the Pentek, Inc. (Coriapolis, PA) 2-D Wall Walker was demonstrated at the Hanford Demonstration Site C Reactor complex. Such systems are suitable for high flat (or slightly curved) walls. The motor-driven pulleys can be attached to the wall temporarily with magnetic force for steel walls, or with anchors or vacuum force for concrete walls. For locations with no ceiling in the way, the pulleys can be attached to standoffs above the wall, thereby allowing the end effector to reach the full height of the wall. Similarly, if there are no sidewall restrictions, the standoffs can be positioned to allow reaching the full wall width. The operator can command the system to traverse any two-dimensional path at constant speeds up to 60 feet per minute. This technology makes it possible to deploy completely automated work modules to large vertical surfaces, while eliminating scaffolding, respiratory protection, and other safety equipment required to protect human workers. Equipment weighs only 55 pounds (20 kg); a single laborer easily handles the operation. Once installed, the initial setup parameters are entered into an IBM-compatible computer via an easy to use touch-screen, and the operator can command the machine to traverse any path at velocities of up to 60 feet per minute (18 M/min). Hands-on operator activities are eliminated, as well as scaffolding, respiratory protection, and other forms of personnel protection and support. Dimensions of Tech Model (L x W x H): Weight of Tech Model (lb.): 350lb Pulley : 50 lb


More accurate and consistent scanning conditions for surveys Improved production rates for large walls Payload capacity at least 300 lb Accurately positions instruments and tools repeatedly Remote operation provides improved ALARA For radiation surveys, the controller software could be adapted to provide maps showing the location of measured radiation levels.


A variety of tool holders need to be developed. Pentek has a few designs completed The technology is not well suited to walls that have many protrusions; rather it works better on flat or slightly curve surfaces Pentek now can apply the technology to floor and ceilings




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