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Technology Factsheet

Maxisafe 3-Sided Slider

Category: Dismantlement > Non-Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Safety Cutters
Reference # : Model No : 101806

One of Martor’s Smart Knife safety cutters. A safety spring provides for automatic blade "shoot-back" into the handle in response to any uncontrolled movement - even with thumb on the slide. It is designed to help prevent accidents. Active accident prevention during cutting operations involving: •cardboard boxes and strappings •paper, corrugated pasteboard, plastics •sheet material •rubber, linoleum, leather •foamed plastics and fleece material •carpeting material •roofing felt


•comes with 60099 BLUNT TIP BLADE installed •automatic blade edge protection when things get out of control •safe blade change without any undue cutting risks •cutter handles/bodies designed to remain safe when laid down •solidly mounted blade





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