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Technology Factsheet

Radiation shielding (lead and tungsten)

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Radiation Shielding
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Shielding products are manufactured from lead and tungsten. Lead blankets are constructed with lead wool or lead plate due to its flexibility in handling. The interlaced wool is compacted in a random orientation. The lead is encapsulated with an inner cover and an outer cover for added protection and durability. Materials used for inner and outer covers can be vinyl-laminated nylon, urethane-laminated nylon, or silicon-impregnated fiberglass fabric (for high temperatures). The inner covers are sewn in a quilted pattern to prevent shifting of the lead wool when blankets are draped or hung. LI-201, LI-202, LI-203, LI-204, LI-205, LI-206 are some of the types of lead wool blankets manufactured by Lancs. The LI-261 wheeled rack is an example of another radiation shielding product manufactured by Lancs. Tungsten shielding has proved to be a viable shielding material because it is less toxic and less costly to dispose of. It also has a potential for multiple applications which enhances cost benefit analysis.


Lead blankets provide desired dose rate reduction. They are readily availabile and low cost. Tungsten shielding is less toxic and has lower disposal costs.





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