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Technology Factsheet

Glove Bags

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Gloveboxes
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Glove bags are flexible containments that enclose a contaminated item or form a small work area to confine the spread of contamination and are used by U.S. Navy nuclear program, electrical utilities, and DOE lab facilities. Glove bags allow work to be performed on potentially contaminated items by personnel wearing a minimum of protective clothing. Access to the glove bag interior via gloved sleeves enables repairs or manipulations without directly contacting contaminated surfaces. These are manufactured using PVC or polyurethane and are assembled by means of radio frequency heat sealing to ensure highest quality construction. Inflation pressure tested to verify containment seam integrity.


Glove bags are fire retardant and help in maintaining worker safety. They can be used to directly contact the contaminated surfaces. The glove bags are manufactured in two materials: PVC and polyurethane.





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