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Technology Factsheet

Catch Containments and Tents

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Portable Shelters and Tents
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Catch Containments (also Drip Bags, or Drip Pockets) capture drips or leaks and can help prevent the potential spread of contamination. There are cylindrical and conical models. Catch containment bodies are made using PVC or Polyurethane and an aluminum support ring is sealed into the rim to form the shape of the catch. The ring is flexible, enabling the containment to conform to irregular surfaces or tight spaces. Tie-off loops permit the catch containment to be suspended from nearby components for installation. Catch containments can filled with absorbent material to control leaking fluid, or fitted with a drain line. Some of the models are LI-351-LI-355.Tents are used to create a controlled environment to reduce overall exposure levels during work, and to minimize the scope and complexity of subsequent cleanup operations. Simple single chamber tents with limited access to complex requirements such as expandable and collapsible, multi-tier, multi-chamber tents spanning areas of thousands of square feet are some models. Decon chambers, steam generator work tents, bull pen containments (no roof), and large scale covers with irregular shapes are also manufactured.


The catch containments capture and control leakage. They are used for both radiological and non radiological purposes.The tents are fire retardant and maintain a controlled environment to ensure worker safety.





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