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Technology Factsheet


Category: Decontamination > Chemical Surface Cleaning > Chemical Foams or Gels
Reference # : Model No : 1101, 1120, 1121 Gel

DeconGel® can be applied for use on virtually any surface such as concrete, steel, painted or unpainted wood, aluminum, Plexiglas, tile and grout, linoleum and much more. It requires no preparation prior to use, and can be either painted or sprayed onto a contaminated area, including cracks, pores and voids. DeconGel® reduces potential exposure to employees by encapsulating and providing a protective barrier (acting as dust suppressant). Because DeconGel® is easily sprayed or brushed onto contaminated surfaces, horizontal or vertical uses are no longer a problem. It is a safe alternative to acids or soap and water, there is no need to worry about contaminated run off. Product Characteristics: *Appearance: Blue Liquid *Shelf Life: 5 Years *Density: 8.35 - 8.65 lbs/gal *Viscosity: 9,000 – 19,000 cps *pH: 5.0-7.0 *Decontamination Percentage: up to 100% *Average Coverage: 25 to 100 ft² per gallon


Available in six different versions: *Gel for Radioactive and Chemical Clean-up *Spray for Radioactive and Chemical Clean-up *Gel for Oil and Grease Clean-up





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