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Technology Factsheet


Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Others
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EcoSheet engineered panels are made from 100% recycled plastic. The natural characteristics of polymer are utilized to manufacture hard-wearing, smooth-faced, versatile boards suitable for a variety of applications in construction, agriculture and beyond. Ecosheet is engineered to perform as an alternative to imported plywood, or to virgin plastic panels, yet in turn are fully recyclable at end-of-life. EcoSheet is manufactured using cutting-edge new technology. This process enables 2K to produce Ecosheet from low-grade, mixed, waste-plastics - materials which are notoriously hard to recycle and therefore invariably end up being land-filled or incinerated. The process also allows EcoSheet panels to be recycled at end-of-life, thereby offering a complete closed-loop solution for all customers.


* Super-smooth surface to use as a substrate * Both sides are "A" faces * Face repairs are easy and effective * High fixing strength * Can be nailed, screwed or glued * Cuts with standard tools, yet without splinters or breakout * Cut edges do not need to be resealed * Standard sizes: 2440 x 1220 * Impervious to rain and humidity and can be stored outdoors * Can be jet-washed between uses * Available in corporate colours * At end-of-life boards can be returned to us for recycling, thereby avoiding disposal cost * THE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION





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