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Technology Factsheet

Chipping Hammers

Category: Dismantlement > Non-Cutting Methods > Controlled Blasting
Reference # : Model No : W1

Chipping Hammers are designed for trimming castings, billets, bars and plates in foundry applications, for removing weld bead and trimming plates in shipyards and car shops and for concretes roughing and demolitions.


Technology is mobile, easy to operate, and relatively simple to set up and tear down. ú Production rate was high. Cutting activity was conducted under safe conditions for operators, evaluators, and the environment. Cutting tool is useful to cut external pipes or protrusions on glove boxes and tanks. Rigging equipment was not required since FRAMATOME's operators size reduced each surrogates in manageable small pieces facilitating manual removal.


Chipping hammer continues to impact briefly after throttle is released that may become a hazard for operator if not operated properly. Lead chips are generated during lead shielding removal. Hearing protection is required while operating this tool. This tool vibrates during use, which may be harmful for operator hands and arms




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