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Technology Factsheet

MB GB-2202 Acrylic Glovebox

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Gloveboxes
Reference # : Model No : C- V

This technology offers a cost-effective, mobile solution for inert atmosphere applications: the MB GB-2202 acrylic glovebox system. Thick, clear and durable plastic walls allow optimum visibility and remain impermeable to ambient air. Standard Neoprene gloves provide excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals. Options available include electrical power feed, stainless steel floor pan, vacuum pump, antechamber, and circulation unit.


*Unique single-piece molded design of box body; *No glue or clamps on the body of the box; *Easy to open or remove clamped front window. *Variety of glove options, standard is Neoprene *Ball valves for gas purge and exhausting of the box *Bench top system *Side door - 290 mm *Box length - 950mm *Box depths - 540mm below, 420mm above *Antechamber *Circulation Unit





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