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Technology Factsheet

Menzi Muck

Category: Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Excavator
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The Menzi Muck is a rugged and dependable all terrain excavator. It solves the age-old problem of using equipment effectively and efficiently on difficult work sites. Menzi Muck has a unique design that allows each leg or wheel to be raised or lowered, extended or retracted, or moved in or spread out. This allows the operator to adjust the working base (chassis) of the MENZI MUCK to incredible changes in the angles of the terrain. In working in adverse conditions, time and expense is saved as there is no need for “preparation and restoration” compared to conventional equipment to gain access to work areas.


This control of the chassis provides extreme maneuverability and remarkable flexibility, stability and safety in operation. It allows the MENZI MUCK to climb and work up, down and across very steep slopes, in seven feet of muck and water, in tight spots or in bad weather that mires down other equipment. It also allows the operator to sit comfortably upright, with exceptional 360 degree vision and precise control regardless of the terrain.





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