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Technology Factsheet

Laser Decon

Category: Decontamination > Thermal Surface Removal > Laser Heating , Etching and Ablation
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Contamination removal from metallic and concrete surfaces is traditionally accomplished with media blasting. These mechanical stripping techniques result in substantial secondary waste generation, comprised of a virtually inseparable collection of the contamination being removed and large volumes of media. Laser decontamination, on the other hand, decontaminate the metallic and concrete structures using special laser optics. In this process, fume collection occurs concurrently with the paint stripping action. The EWI scanner has only one moving part, the polygon itself, which rotates at a constant velocity and produces a unidirectional, essentially constant velocity path on the work surface. A laser beam with a speed of 8m/s is reflected by a rotating polygonal mirror. The rotating polygon produces a single direction stripe of the beam and improves efficiency and effluent management. The far-infrared wavelength of these lasers has a potential to absorb the paint and substrate damage resistance.


Smallest, lightest, highest powered scanner and highest efficiency and paint stripping rates. Considered as the best effluent removal . It has integrated process control and is able to remove all colors, The system works with multiple laser platforms CO2 Laser, Nd YAG, Fiber and can travel at a speed of 40 to 80 ipm.





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