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Technology Factsheet

Re-Grip Handle Grips

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Hand Protection
Reference # : 859155003011 Model No : PN36-7

RE-GRIP improves the handle grip on a variety of cylindrical and semi cylindrical objects such as tools, levers, sports equipment, handle bars, and more. RE-GRIP not only provides mechanical and environmental protection, but enhances safety and comfort. Regrip includes an outer grip formed of an elastic material in a radially extended state, an an inner helically spun coil that holds the elastic material in this extended state. It is easily installable and provides safety aspects as well as extreme comfort. Its ergonomic design relaxes your grip and reduces muscle fatigue by redistributing bad energy generated by impact. Re-Grip helps prevent blisters and calluses. It is non-slip for better control and safety. RE-GRIP offers three different models based on the size diameter that you need for your tool or handle. All three of these models come in 7-inch lengths. Suggested uses for smaller handles: screw driver, ratchet, broom, small rake and shovels, hairbrush, mini flashlight, socket wrench, etc. Suggested uses for regular size handles: hammers, pipe wrench, shovels, rakes, flashlights, trowels, exercise equipment, hatchets, fishing poles, ect. Suggested uses for larger size handles: wheelbarrows, large pipe or socket wrench, post hole diggers, sledges, axes, etc.


Easy to install. Non-slip. Three different diameters available.





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