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Technology Factsheet

Saw Muzzle GP

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Dust Suppression
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The Saw Muzzle GP is designed to work with the left side bladed gas-powered saws to collect point-of-origin dust created from cutting concrete, fiberglass or any other materials that create toxic dusts. The Saw Muzzle GP is made from fiberglass filled ABS plastic and uses the centrifugal forces generated by the saw blade to direct the dust into the collection box of the Saw Muzzle. Features: Mounts easily with a single bolt. Works with most gas-powered cut-off saws. One model fits all blade diameters, 10"-16".


* Durable and abrasion resistant. * Unique bearing carrier mounting system allows the Saw Muzzle GP to swing freely through the entire arc of the blade. * Can remove up to 95% of the dust created at the point of origin when connected to an industrial grade 2hp vacuum system.





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