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Technology Factsheet

Chip Muzzle

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Dust Suppression
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The Chip Muzzle can be trimmed for specific purposes. When working around asbestos coated pipes, it can be shaped into a concave shape; when working in corners, it can be mitered for greater efficiency. When used with a standard industrial vacuum, it will collect up to 95% of the toxic dust being removed. It comes with all the necessary attachments including a 3/4" step up hose for adapting to the standard 6' x 1.25" x 2" hose. The Chip Muzzle uses a side pickup to apply suction to the general area of the work surface and remove toxic dusts from the workplace. When connected to any standard 2 hp industrial vacuum, the Dust Muzzle can remove up to 95% of the pollutants at the point of origin.


* Excellent for working on irregular surfaces and in hard to get at corners. * Especially efficient working around rivets on steel bridges and on inside corners such as ships deck-bulkhead joints and on steel structures. * Can be shaped to special uses.


For maximum efficiency using the Chip Muzzle the operator must have an industrial grade 2hp vacuum system.




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