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Technology Factsheet

GSM Survey Meter

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
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The GSM-500 a hand-held survey meter for radiation. It is a digital circuitry instrument with an analog display that automatically chooses the correct range with no user intervention required. It comes standard with probe saturation and other error indicators. The GSM-525 comes with a dual probe capability offering both dose and cpm calibration per probe; this instrument is capable of offering up to four separate probe measurements. The GSM-506 is a simplified contained detector system, with an external probe capability for special measurement applications. The external probe can fit any application as the GSM-506 is completely interchangeable with any instrument probe.The GSM-501 has a 1x1 tissue equivalent scintillator, providing a much better dose response. This accuracy is combined with a full Auto-Ranging display to make it more accurate and easy to use.


* Superior accuracy and sensitivity. * Better response times. * Easy to use. * Better calibration and probe usage.





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