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Technology Factsheet

3M™ Fire Barrier Self-Locking Pillows

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Emergency Response > Fire Prevention & Response
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These pillows can offer ease of operation while delivering the fire barrier protection. This 3M system is easy to use, durable and versatile. Simply lock 'n place for an efficient and cost-effective fire stop solution. During a fire, 3M Fire Barrier Self-Locking Pillows intumesce (expand with heat), locking tightly into place. The resulting barrier retards the transmission of smoke, fire, and toxic gases from spreading between adjacent rooms and floors for the rated time period. 3M Fire Barrier Self-Locking Pillows’ unique interlocking strips are available in three different sizes (small, medium, large).


Extremely easy to install – saves time and labor. • Easy removal and fully reusable – with no blocking or fusing of materials. • No cutting required, no left over debris. • Up to three-hour UL Listed. • Passes hose stream test without cumbersome wire mesh. • Smoke seal tested and listed. • Listed for blank or filled openings in gypsum wallboard or concrete.





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