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Technology Factsheet

HiRad Novel Radiation Detector

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
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HiRad is a small, novel, remotely operated radiation detector that uses a crystal head and fiber optic cable to obtain gamma radiation measurements from difficult-to-access or large process areas over a wide radiation range. It consists of a small (3cm long) scintillating crystal coupled to a metal coated fiber optic cable. Scintillation light produced by the crystal in a radiation field is transmitted down the fiber optic cable to a photon detection device. The data is analyzed off line and the radiation levels of the environment calculated. Sellafield Ltd, in collaboration with National Nuclear Laboratory in the United Kingdom (UK), carried out surveys using HiRad for the radiation profiling of a solvent aqueous interface within the salt evaporator plants feed storage tank. Results of the scanning gave a bounding case for the dose rates across the tank that will support arguments for taking samples.


It is deployable as a single detector, a chain, or as an array giving the ability to monitor large process areas. It is tolerant of a high level of radiation. It has a wide radiation detection range. It has small dimensions and flexibility of the device enables it to be deployed into small, difficult to access areas (such as pipe work). Wide range of applications in operational plant as well as ad-hoc and specialized projects.


This technology is still in development and it is not commercially available yet.




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