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Technology Factsheet

Cranes and Heavy Lift Equipment

Category: Dismantlement > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Crane
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Vendor provides heavy lift cranes, modular lift towers and operated cranes, ranging from 18 tons to 1,800 tons. Example products offered by Barnhart include the following. The Crawler Crane LinkBelt 718 heavy lift attachment (or ringer)provides more capacity. A unique feature of this crane is the ability to easily relocate even with the ring attachment installed. The 900T class crawler crane LR1700 has a low footprint. The superlift radius can vary from 38’ to 72’. The crane can be configured to meet specific site needs and constraints. The LR1700 is a heavy lift machine that can easily set vessels and power equipment approaching 450 tons. The crane also features auxiliary carbody jacks that allow for additional load spreading beyond that of the crawlers. The Modular Life Tower (MLT) is a custom designed alternate lifting method. The pin connected nodal design offers ease of erection without any bolted connection. The tower system is stable to 250 ft without guy wires, which improves erection time and reduces site impact. Travel is accomplished using a hydraulic slide system and may occur under load.


1) The ring attachment can easily be relocated. 2) The capacity of the cranes ranges from from 18 tons to 1,800 tons. 3) State of the art computerized operator aids and safety systems 4) Full rigging design, fabrication and supply services 5) Crawler configuration available





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