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Technology Factsheet

En Vac Robotic Wall Scabbler

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Scabbling , Electrohydraulic
Reference # : OST/TMS ID 2321 , DOE/EM-0578 Model No : En Vac

The En-vac Blasting System is an abrasive blasting technology consisting of the En-vac robot, a recycling unit, a filter, and a vacuum unit. The System uses abrasive steel grit or steel shot as the surface removal media and can scabble, via the robot, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The main components of the En-vac robot are the blast housing, lip seal, four motor and wheel drive-steer assemblies, blast nozzle with oscillator motor, and vacuum control device. The robot adheres to working surface by vacuum contained in the sealed blasting chamber. The vacuum unit creates the vacuum to prevent any fugitive dust or grit emissions from the working surface of the blasting operation. The recycling unit continuously provides abrasive grit to the robot through the blast hose. Spent blast grit and blast residue are returned from the robot to the recycling unit through the vacuum hose. The recycling unit processes the spent abrasives and separates the blast residue. Blast residues are collected and stored for later disposal. The En-vac system is heavy, with the heaviest piece weighing 6,800 pounds. All of the equipment is capable of being lifted by industrial forklift or mobile carry crane. The system is not portable once setup.Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH):Weight of Tech Model (lb.): 10,000


-Reduces worker exposure - Accelerates schedule - Collects and contains scabbled waste - Reduces contamination spread - Up to 5 times faster than the baseline.


The En-vac robot was able to remove all paint present in the area being scabbled. However, the En-vac robot technology cannot scabble as close to obstruction as the baseline technology. The En-vac system does have hand-held attachments, which would allow close scabbling around objects.




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