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Technology Factsheet

Rigging Systems

Category: Dismantlement > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Crane
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Cantilever systems and C-bars:The cantilever systems allow the installation of equipment into the sides of buildings and structures. These systems utilize the auxillary load line available and control the load during lifting and installation. The cantilever beam is available in capacities up to 100,000 lbs and can be used with the local cranes. The C-Bar is a rigging device which is designed to move the lifting trunnions of a vessel out away from the side of the vessel. The C-Bar allows the more effective use of a lifting system that utilizes two hoists - whether the hoisting system is two cranes or other systems such as strand jacks. In each case, the C-Bar eliminates the height of the vessel above the trunnions as a consideration when selecting boom length for a two crane lift or tower height when lifting with modular lift tower systems. Hydraulic gantry and slide systems: Gantry are used to pick and carry large loads using a variety of track options. Barnhart combines the gantry with tools such as heavy swivels, slide systems for side shift capability and modular lift towers to elevate the entire system. Barnhart’s hydraulic slide or "skidding" system provides a fail-safe technique for moving large and small equipment. The system utilizes dual acting cylinders to move the shoe along a variety of beams and girders. The fail-safe hydraulic rocker unit ensures that the load is positively locked in place at all times, improving the safety over conventional jack & roll operations.


Benefits of cantilever systems and C-bars: 1) Assembles in minimal time. 2) May be applied using any modern hydraulic or conventional crane. 3) Fully designed lift plans and supervision are part of the system. 4) Complete rigging systems available to include slings, shackles, collars and specialy lifting beams. Benefits of hydraulic gantry and slide systems: 1) Easy assembly using normally available construction equipment and labor. 2) Capable of sliding up and down grades. 3) Systems easily combined for increased push force.





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