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Technology Factsheet

Electrochemical Enhancement of Nuclear Decontamination Solutions (ELENDES)

Category: Waste Management > Waste Treatment > Misc-Treatment
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Acceleration of decontamination can be achieved through the use of aggressive acids and complexants; however, the residual corrosive reagent and complexants can have unacceptable consequences for the downstream plant (corrosion risk and impact on abatement plant performance). For this reason, the use of such reagents is limited and may limit the scope for local decontamination options. National Nuclear Lab(NNL) along with C-Tech Innovation have developed a system that allows electrochemical treatment of spent decontaminant solutions to make them compatible with the downstream infrastructure. The system couples the option of low reagent delivery systems which keep the inventory of reagent down (e.g. 1 liter of reagent providing 4000 m2 of droplet surface area) with an electrochemical process that removes chloride and oxidizes the complexant. The system also offers the option of a post-treatment step (inline precipitation) to remove activity and other components for circumstances where tie-in to existing abatement facilities is not practicable. Trials have shown the process to be effective in reducing chloride and complexants to levels deemed acceptable to the downstream plant, with post-precipitation being shown to be effective in removing other species of interest. The project was funded through NNL Signature research funds and a Technology Strategy Board grant and was supported by input from the SL Decontamination and Effluent Technology Centres of Expertise. The process is estimated to be at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) equivalent of 2-3. Follow on work to develop active demonstration is being explored.


Allows electrochemical treatment of spent decontaminant solutions to make them compatible with downstream infrastructure.


This technology is still in development and it is not commercially available yet.




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