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Technology Factsheet

Ice Pigging

Category: Decontamination > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Ice Pigging
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Ice pigging has been deployed in the food & drinks industries but also by water utilities companies to clean pipework systems of solids / debris over a range of pipe diameters (1”-36”). Ice Pigs are capable of moving bricks, scales and other solids. The performance of the process within other industries has encouraged Sellafield to examine the applicability to the nuclear sector for decontamination, POCO and decommissioning operations.


Remote clearing of blockages in pipes and systems. Possible uses in decontamination, POCO, and decommissioning.


This technology is not commercially available yet and is being developed and researched by University of Bristol, Bristol, England BS8 1TH Phone: 440-117-928-9000 Email: red-office@bristol.ac.uk http://bristol.ac.uk/




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