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Technology Factsheet

Oxyacetylene Torch

Category: Dismantlement > Non-Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Oxyacetylene/Oxygasoline Cutting
Reference # : Model No : The Cutter

The oxy-acetylene torch is a basic thermal cutting technique that can be used on carbon steel up to 3-4" thick. Cutting speeds up to about 10 inches per minute (as per the vendor-supplied information) can be obtained; the speed is a function of the material thickness and geometry. The torch burns the metal and coatings, producing smoke and fumes that may require control using portable HEPA filters, especially in radiologically contaminated environments. The torch can be manipulated by hand or can be placed on a motorized track for use in inaccessible or high radiation areas and long and uniform surfaces. Dimensions of TEch Model (LXWXH): 20 inches Weight of Technology Model (lb): 3 lbs


Low capital and operating cost, fast cutting, portable; Quick set up and low maintenance. Easily adapted for remote operation.


16 inch ferritic material will cut only metal that oxidizes readily.




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