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Technology Factsheet

Unblocking Probe

Category: Decontamination > Pipeline Unplugging > Water Jetting
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A simulant mix containing plaster and barium nitrate, which reflected the physical properties of highly active liquor (HAL), was used to replicate the conditions which caused the actual feed line to block. The mix was poured vertically into 2 m sections creating a total blockage of the pipe. A series of high pressure jetting trials were performed to clear the blockage. The project has successfully combined a hybrid system with a high pressure nozzle on a reeling drum and camera for inspection. This has been safely and successfully tested on the full scale rig at James Fisher and the plan is to deploy the blockage removal equipment during 2012.


High pressure jetting nozzle. Accompanied by a camera for inspection.


This technology is still in development and it is not commercially available yet.




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