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Technology Factsheet

Tosoh CSM (chlorosulphonated polyethylene)

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Hand Protection
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All containment gloves, leaded gloves and beaded port seals were once manufactured from DuPont Hypalon material. In May 2009, DuPont announced the cessation of Hypalon manufacture requiring Sellafield Ltd to identify, test and certify an alternative material for the manufacture of these items. A collaborative approach involving the main Hypalon users onsite, AWE and the two major glove suppliers led to the identification of a potential replacement material – Tosoh CSM (chlorosulphonated polyethylene) by early 2011. Initial testing in alliance with Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) led to the confirmation of Tosoh CSM as the preferred replacement material and this selection was given National Nuclear Glovebox Forum (NNGF) approval in February 2012. Specifications are currently being updated to allow the Tosoh CSM consumables to be available for use onsite at Sellafield from mid-2012 onwards.






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