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Technology Factsheet

ASP-WN03RA200H 200mm Diameter High Precision Rotation Stages

Category: Robotics > Other > Other
Reference # : Model No : ASP-WN03RA200H

The featured technology is a direct-drive rotary stage, distinguished by its direct-drive concept that ensures faster rotating speeds and heightened position sensitivity. With a low-profile design standing at 49 mm in height, this rotary stage incorporates a high-efficiency DC torque motor, optimizing available torque for enhanced performance. The proprietary glass scale encoder guarantees repeatability at 0.002°. Notably, the stage includes a 200 mm diameter through-hole, providing convenient cable routing options.


The direct-drive concept offers a significant advantage by providing faster rotating speeds, ideal for applications requiring rapid and precise rotational movements. The design enhances versatility, making it suitable for space-constrained environments. The torque motor ensures optimal torque utilization. The 200 mm diameter through-hole facilitates seamless cable routing, contributing to a tidy setup. The proprietary glass scale encoder with 0.002° repeatability ensures accurate and reliable positioning.


Has a load capacity of 100kg. Applications requiring higher load capacities may necessitate alternative solutions.




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