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Technology Factsheet


Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
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Wallrover wall climbing robots are general purpose robotic platforms capable of carrying a wide range of payloads and tasks in hard-to-reach locations. The WallRover family of robots are able to operate equally well on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces and can transition seamlessly between them. WallRover does not rely on a physical seal to a surface to climb. The only contact between the WallRover and the wall are the tracks which enable it to traverse uneven and dirty surfaces, including pipework, brick walls, and windows. The tracks permit precise maneuverability in restricted spaces, allowing payloads to be positioned accurately. A small package of work led to the development and active testing of an unmanned wall-climbing ROV. Locally developed and manufactured, its initial capability was demonstrated with great interest from a range of projects. The scope of the work included the integration of a new to market gamma spectrometry head from Kromek and an inspection capability. The device has genuine wall climbing capability across a range of surfaces. Its wall climbing capability uses a patented system without the need for high airflow vacuum systems that would otherwise give rise to airborne contamination. Examples include inspection of a water line 3 meters from the floor. Its ability to climb different surfaces (e.g., brick, concrete or steel) makes it an ideal first entry early assessment tool for cells and inaccessible environments for decommissioning projects. The package includes a simple operator control unit with gamepad controls and real time communications along the power umbilical to a laptop and camera screen. This unit can be set up and operated in less than 5 minutes. The characterization capability of the Kromek device enables identification of gamma emitting isotopes. This device still requires formal assessment and endorsement, but as a new to market device, this will be a natural progression. This device has been demonstrated to a variety of potential end users to identify other design options that would expand its application, e.g. higher payload capacity to accommodate standard radiometric instruments.


Can be setup and operated in less than 5 minutes. Remotely operated. Can transition between vertical and horizontal surfaces seamlessly.





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