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Technology Factsheet

Waste Treatment Process for Contaminated Paint Flakes

Category: Waste Management > Waste Material Handling & Storage > Compaction
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Epoxy paint flakes originating from the proposed decontamination of fuel skips by high pressure water sprays would be captured in a filter sock prior to being sent to WEP for encapsulation. Previous work carried out by National Physical Laboratory had shown that some simulant material could be formed into solid pucks under specified conditions of heat and pressure. Here the physical properties of compacted paint flakes were investigated as well as those of a filter sock paint flake composite. In doing so, it was demonstrated that the paint flake waste stream had the potential to be processed and could be developed as a generic disposal route for coarse and fine particulates arising from decommissioning processes. A paint flake puck encased in a polymeric fiber filter sock and heated results in a stable encapsulated waste form that could be easily handled and transported for grout overpacking in WEP. This type of process could be varied to provide a generic process for various particulate wastes on site.


Easily handled and transported. Potential to provide a generic disposal process for various waste particulates on site.





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