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Technology Factsheet

Storm Drain Defender

Category: Waste Management > Waste Material Handling & Storage > Containment
Reference # : Model No : Rectangle

Storm water runoff carries with it dirt and hydrocarbons that can pollute downstream supplies. The Storm Drain Defender traps these pollutants, reducing and controlling the entrance of contaminants into the water systems. Fully loaded, wet units can weigh approximately 85-135 pounds. The technology is a simple sheet of geotextile fabric supported by a wire frame. Size is adjustable to fit a variety of drain sizes. The entire unit is under the grate, no excess fabric extends above the grate, creating a safer environment for pedestrians. No trimming required. Size: Rectangular and adjusts to fit drains with the smallest (16”X20”) and largest (28”X36”). The single fabric sheet is 4’x5’. The depth varies, depending on the size of the drain and how deep the fabric hangs down. Material is 8 oz polypropylene, non-woven geotextile fabric.


Removes oil, grease, sediment, litter, and debris from storm water runoff. Optional oil pillow is available. Also available in a circle shape.





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