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Technology Factsheet

SB series OD Mounted Sliding Bearing Clamshell Lathe

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Abrasive Cutter
Reference # : Model No : 606SB, 601SB, 612SB

The split-frame SB lathes offer the precision and power to sever and bevel a wide range of pipe sizes in the most demanding applications. The Model SB series lathes are designed for severing and beveling of pipe from 1" through 48" and offer tool modules and accessories for a wide range of cutting operations from OD Tracking modules to complex, heavy-wall single-point machining. The large SB clamshells produce otherwise unattainable levels of accuracy and control, critical to pipe welding operations in heavy industry and power production. Because of the clamshell’s power and superior stability, it is ideal for new construction, in-place maintenance, component replacement, decommissioning and production.


•Simultaneously sever and bevel thin or heavy-wall pipe. •Numerous drive options. •Adjustable OD mounting system featuring locator pads & jackscrews for additional stability. •Excellent for working in tight spaces with little clearance. •Cold cutting - No flames or Heat Affected Zones. •Extendable capabilities with additional machining accessories.





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