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Technology Factsheet

Pneumatic Cut-off Tool

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Abrasive Cutter
Reference # : Model No : 77A60P107, HA120RP1045, & HXA120RP64

The pneumatic cutoff tool is an air-powered, hand-held, abrasive cutoff wheel. The tools come in a variety of sizes and can be adapted to cut most materials with the selection of the appropriate grinding disk. The cutoff wheel is a standard tool designed for close quarter work in the metal working industry. They are particularly good where conduits, pipes, ducts, etc. pass through bulkheads or frames. The grinders are very efficient at grinding weld bead and leaving a fine finish. This can be achieved by choosing the appropriate set of grinders, sanders, and polishers for smoothing, trimming, or removing metal in close quarter areas.


Low capital and operating cost ; portable, quick set up ; low maintenance


Cut is limited to the blade's radius and access to desired cut line




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