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Technology Factsheet

BitBuddie Dustless Bit Shroud

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Dust Suppression
Reference # : Model No : D1908

The BitBuddie is a flexible translucent rubber dust shroud, available in 3 sizes for a variety of applications. Suction holds the device in place. It is used for capturing dust and slurry. The 1-3/8" BitBuddie is ideal for drilling faucet holes in stone countertops. The 4" BitBuddie can be used with diamond core bits up to 4" in diameter, but you can also cut a slot in it and use it with a drywall saw to cut wallboard. The 4" BitBuddie is used for cutting holes in ceilings for lights and other fixtures.


Economical. Compact. Simple product for capturing dust or slurry when using a core drill.





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