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Technology Factsheet

Novair 2000

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Ventilation
Reference # : Model No : F2100

The Novair 2000 is a powerful, durable & light weight negative air machine. The machines function is to filter air and remove suspended airborne particulates. This unit has a three stage filtering system. The pre-filter stage captures the bulk of the dust and debris. The second stage utilizes a two-ply ring filter that captures any dust and dirt able to penetrate the pre-filter. The final stage is the 99.97% - 0.3 micron HEPA Filter or the 5 micron general purpose filter. The HEPA filter is utilized in abatement work or areas where an extremely high level of filtration is desired. The general purpose filter is utilized when trying to reduce visible air born particulates that are deemed non-hazardous.


Powerful 2HP motor generates exceptional, consistent flow rate and utilizes all filter media area. 2-speed motor provides consistent air flow of 2000cfm (high speed) and 1000cfm (low speed). 8 point motor/cage mounting prevents motor and cage shifting under the harshest conditions. Seamless construction guarantees leak proof operation. One of the lightest 2000cfm units on the market is easily transported by 2 operators. Positive lock filter prevents filter movement for uninterrupted filtration. Uses standard 24" x 24" H.E.P.A. filters, rated 99.97% efficiency against 0.3 micron particles. General purpose filters & audible alarms are also available. Custom controls & features available upon request.


The NOVAIR 2000 requires a 110/115V - 20 Amp, single phase power source.




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