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Technology Factsheet

Plasma Arc Torch

Category: Dismantlement > Non-Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Plasma Arc
Reference # : Model No : PAC 45 & MV4Xi

The plasma arc torch is a powerful thermal cutting method that can be used where oxy-acetylene cutting is not applicable (i.e., stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other non-oxidizing metals). Plasma uses a high-powered electric arc in combination with high-velocity cutting gas to vaporize metal and create plasma. The high-velocity cutting gas propels the vaporized metal away from the cut. Plasma can be used in stainless steel as well as carbon steel and can cut underwater or in air. Cutting speeds up to 60 inches per minute (as per the vendor-supplied information) can be obtained. The plasma torch is typically manipulated on a track or by a robot. Manual cutting is possible in limited applications. The cutting effluent is highly energetic and must be contained and HEPA-filtered. Fire prevention and control methods must be used, such as fire barriers and removal of combustibles.


Low capital and operating cost, fast cutting & portable. Easily adapted for remote operation.


4" thick material, 100ft reach




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